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Lecture - Creating Sustainable Habitats in Your Backyard

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FNPSFNPSBeautiful Southern Live Oak tree, Quercus virginiana, Central Florida

NANPA Regional Photo Workshop in Ft. Myers, Florida - February 24-27, 2018

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Join Canon Explorer of Light Rick Sammon and Maresa Pryor-Luzier as they explore the abundant wildlife of the area at prime light. Individualized instruction and bird photography tips will be provided during mid-day. In addition, there will be time to discuss post processing workflow and techniques. Plan to immerse yourself in 2 1/2 days of nature, wildlife, and photography while developing skills that will last a lifetime!

What to Expect –

This event differs from NANPA’s traditional Regional Events and will be in more of a Workshop format. You’ll photograph in the mornings and late afternoon/evenings, but will also attend mid-day workshops at the hotel where leaders Rick Sammon and Maresa Pryor-Luzier will share techniques and critique your work.

This event is designed for amateur and professional photographers interested in improving their photography skills or possibly looking for location guidance to capture that perfect shot. If you are new to photography, the leaders will be available to answer questions, teach new techniques and help you improve your photographic skills. If you already have plenty of photography experience, the leaders will ensure that you’re in the best locations at the best times for those perfect shots.

Just the Facts –

Date: February 24-27, 2018 Registration & orientation Feb. 24, 2018 @ 6:30 p.m.

Cost: $495 NANPA member, $595 non-members (includes Tuesday Brunch)

Location: Fort Myers Beach, Florida

Last date to register: February 10, 2018

Maximum number attendees: 16


Lodging –

Mariner’s Lodge and  Marina

Mariner’s Lodge and Marina
17990 San Carlos Blvd.
Fort Myers Beach, FL 33931
Phone: 239-288-5168
E-mail: lodgeinfo@marinerslodgefmb.com

Room rates are $220 for three nights. A block of rooms has been reserved, and you will need to call the hotel to get that rate and mention NANPA when registering.

For more information:  http://www.nanpa.org/events/regionals/fort-myers-fl-2018/

Photographing Birds in Your Backyard

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To photograph birds in your backyard, it helps to have food, water, and shelter.  For this photograph, its taken above a bird bath.  This bird bath is situated underneath the hammock of a large live oak for protection from predators, and the birds come to it daily certainly, when its hot outside.  One rule, I use is to not photograph them once they land on the bird bath.  That is their protection zone. For this shot, I used two flashes set up on tiki torches so, I could move them, and the birds were familiar with the torches.  Using the master/slave options, I had complete control of the flashes at the camera. By putting soft boxes over the main light source, it gives a softer light and shadows. I balanced the highlights of the natural light with my artificial light to give it a natural setting.  My depth of field ran anywhere between f 5.6 to f 11 depending on the angle and background.  My ISO ran between 800-1600 depending again on the light that was available.  The artificial light is there to fill in where nature cannot.  I've found with birds if you give them a safe place to go where they can bathe and have access to food or water, they will tolerate your existence in time.  

Photographing Nature in Your Backyard

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09 4o10 4671009 4o10 46710A male Monarch butterfly starting to open its wings, Danaus plexippus, Florida, controlled So many people travel to find great pictures, but miss what's around them.  I've spent years just photographing in my backyard documenting nature at its best during the year.  "You never know what's going to pop up."  Whether it's a spade foot toad, monarch caterpillars, or birds coming to your bird bath.  Here are some tips on how to take advantage of these great situations.  

First with caterpillars or butterflies.  When you see a caterpillar, once its reached full size, it will turn into a butterfly within seven days.  Watch out for fresh butterflies in the morning hours.  Find a special bush in your yard, or plant one that will attract them.  Make sure you have plants that the caterpillars can feed on as well.  You could say, "Your own butterfly nursery."  Next you need a close-up lens.  Either a macro lens or one that will focus down with macro capabilities.  Otherwise, get yourself extension tubes, and you can move into your subject.  The Canon 100-400 lens focuses in close and with an extension tube you could stay a decent distance away.  Watch your backgrounds when photographing.  F8-f10 is good for blurring out the background, considering how close you are to your subject.   You may need extra light.  If so, there are macro flashes, or you can use one flash, just get something that will diffuse the light. A little soft box, tape, or plastic cover.  Macro work takes some patience, but it can be rewarding everyday!  Enjoy!!  

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07 6m5 4537007 6m5 45370Close-up of flower heads before opening, Redring Milkweed, Wht-flowered milkweed, Asclepias variegata, Mammoth Cave National Park, Kentucky, USA

Endangered in NY, CT, and PA
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