Photographing Birds in Your Backyard

October 25, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

To photograph birds in your backyard, it helps to have food, water, and shelter.  For this photograph, its taken above a bird bath.  This bird bath is situated underneath the hammock of a large live oak for protection from predators, and the birds come to it daily certainly, when its hot outside.  One rule, I use is to not photograph them once they land on the bird bath.  That is their protection zone. For this shot, I used two flashes set up on tiki torches so, I could move them, and the birds were familiar with the torches.  Using the master/slave options, I had complete control of the flashes at the camera. By putting soft boxes over the main light source, it gives a softer light and shadows. I balanced the highlights of the natural light with my artificial light to give it a natural setting.  My depth of field ran anywhere between f 5.6 to f 11 depending on the angle and background.  My ISO ran between 800-1600 depending again on the light that was available.  The artificial light is there to fill in where nature cannot.  I've found with birds if you give them a safe place to go where they can bathe and have access to food or water, they will tolerate your existence in time.  


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