Photographing Nature in Your Backyard

September 06, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

09 4o10 4671009 4o10 46710A male Monarch butterfly starting to open its wings, Danaus plexippus, Florida, controlled So many people travel to find great pictures, but miss what's around them.  I've spent years just photographing in my backyard documenting nature at its best during the year.  "You never know what's going to pop up."  Whether it's a spade foot toad, monarch caterpillars, or birds coming to your bird bath.  Here are some tips on how to take advantage of these great situations.  

First with caterpillars or butterflies.  When you see a caterpillar, once its reached full size, it will turn into a butterfly within seven days.  Watch out for fresh butterflies in the morning hours.  Find a special bush in your yard, or plant one that will attract them.  Make sure you have plants that the caterpillars can feed on as well.  You could say, "Your own butterfly nursery."  Next you need a close-up lens.  Either a macro lens or one that will focus down with macro capabilities.  Otherwise, get yourself extension tubes, and you can move into your subject.  The Canon 100-400 lens focuses in close and with an extension tube you could stay a decent distance away.  Watch your backgrounds when photographing.  F8-f10 is good for blurring out the background, considering how close you are to your subject.   You may need extra light.  If so, there are macro flashes, or you can use one flash, just get something that will diffuse the light. A little soft box, tape, or plastic cover.  Macro work takes some patience, but it can be rewarding everyday!  Enjoy!!  


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